Diary of the Dead Set Visit Tomorrow!

Posted by: Stanch
Tomorrow is the big day for our set visit of Diary of the Dead. Thanks to the folks working on the film for remembering us and making it happen (  yes we thought we had been forgotten ). Nice to see when fans get to have a small part of the process by visiting the set. George Romero is the man and I have the highest hopes for Diary of the Dead. As soon as we can report on our set visit we will.
Shawn Roberts will star in the upcoming "Diary of the Dead" and the shooting already has begun and they also provided us with the complete casting lineup as well. Nearly 40 years after he re-invented the horror genre with "Night of the Living Dead", George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" began production Wednesday in Toronto, Ontario. Filming will take place in and around the GTA for the next several weeks.

"Diary of the Dead" marks Romero's first independently financed zombie film in over two decades. Written and directed by Romero and produced by Romero-Grunwald Productions and Artfire Films, "Diary of the Dead" returns to the beginning of the living dead outbreak - telling the story of a group of student filmmakers who document their deadly encounters with ravenous flesh-eaters just as the world is first plunged into chaos. The film will showcase Romero's renowned sense of diabolical humour mixed with biting social commentary while utilizing the latest in filmmaking technologies to document the rising of the dead!

Besides Shawn Roberts "Diary of the Dead" also will star Joshua Close ("The Exorcism of Emily Rose", "K19: The Widowmaker"), Michelle Morgan ("Alien Fire"), Joe Dinicol ("Weirdsville"), Phillip Riccio ("Rent-A-Goalie") and Scott Wentworth ("Elizabeth Rex"). The film is represented for U.S. Sales by John Sloss' Cinetic Media and foreign sales by Nicolas Chartier's Voltage Pictures, with several foreign deals already closed.


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