November 6th Box Office Results

Posted by: Redneck

Hello good readin' people, It's the redneck again, here to give you a week's worth of hogwash and horse drippin's. And this week, my tiny redneck mind Is explodin'. Just look at this - we got christmas stuff coming out before Thanksgivin' and some guy who speaks funny speak with a huge opening weekend!! That just makes me wanna whoop some damn ass!!! Here's this week's run down:

  1. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan / $26,375,000 (Starting Weekend!)
  2. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause / $20,000,000 (Starting Weekend!)
  3. Flushed Away / $19,100,000 (Some kind of kids animation stuff. Opening weekend)
  4. Saw III / $15,500,000 (Real Man's movie!)
  5. The Departed / $8,000,000
  6. The Prestige / $7,784,000
  7. Flags of Our Fathers / $4,500,000 bringin' it to a total of $26,631,000 (another Kick ass movie for real men. What the hell - only 26 Mill? you better get out there and see this or I'll get out there and kick yer damn ass!)
  8. Man of the Year / $3,821,000
  9. Open Season / $3,100,000
  10. The Queen / $3,010,000 (this one's for the women out there)

What happened to the explosions, the aliens invadin' the farm, and good ole boys in the man's uniform takin' em down? Come on, get out there and raise those good manly movies, boys. Give me a movie to make my old lady happy, ya know - that's fine. Course, it's not like any o' y'all care about my opinion, but so what! Get yerself some Sweet Ice Tea and think some on what I tol' ya. THis is Cleetus, Signing Out.


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