Jim Carrey's The Number 23 Trailer Online

Posted by: Michael
The last Jim Carrey movie I watched was Fun with Dick & Jane and man oh man do I wish I could have those 4 seconds back. Hoping that his new film "The Number 23" will be a winner. It has a pretty strong cast, and an interesting principal to it. Carrey plays a man who finds out from reading a book that he is going to die and becomes captivated with figuring out the connection between the book and himself. The title comes from the fact that somehow the numeral '23' is connected throughout the book and his life. Sounds like it could be a fun thriller and a nice change for Carrey. You can watch the trailer at Yahoo! Movies.
The movie also stars Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman, Danny Huston, Maile Flanagan, Patricia Belcher, Lynn Collins, Rhona Mitra, Mark Pellegrino, and Tara Karsian.


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