WWE takes on a Horror Film

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First of all let me say that no this is not a joke. There is actually going to be a horror movie made with a wrestler. We can all thank Lions Gate Films for this one. Apparently Vince McMahon and Joel Simon will produce and Gregory Dark will be the director.

The film is going by the title "Eye Scream Man".. yeah. It will also star Glen Jacobs, otherwise known to WWE fans as "Kane". The movie is about a group of teens from a juvenile corrections facility who are assigned to renovate a dilapidated hotel over the weekend and wind up being terrorized by an insane serial killer who lives there.

Very orginal don't you think? Anyway we all know at this point this movie will probably suck but for some reason I just can't condemn it yet. I mean, well no its gonna be crap. What was I thinking?

Source: WrestleZone


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