The Institution Horror Short

Posted by: Michael
I love horror shorts. I also love hororr shorts you can watch totally for free online. We have for your viewing pleasure "The Institution". College buddies, Bryan, Kate and Jonathan, must end their weekend diversions to concentrate on their final graduating assignment. After presenting a twenty year old cold case murder to their professor involving a psychosomatic killer, they find themselves on a journey to a boondocks tourist town. Kates uncle, James Peterson, testifies his attack from escaped psychosomatic patient, Parson Green. The local sheriff, Carl Wheatly, expresses his concerns and bans them from the island. They rebel as they hire a dark drifter, Lance, to transport them to the off-limits, Felt Island, the location of the closed Asylum. Upon the arrival onto the sandy shores of the island, they stumble across clues of recent activity, but become uncertain of the relevance to their case.

A horrifying discovery reveals a mutilated city official, Deputy Faulkner. As he explains his encounter with Parson Green, the age old suspect, he exposes his connection with the students and their murder case. They realize their once cold case is now a re-opened murder case, involving them. They must now fight for the perfect grade and survive the assignment.  This short is R rated!


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