Jonathan Nolan Interview, Batman Begins 2 : Dark Knight

Posted by: Sheila Roberts

Movies Online recently caught up with screenwriter Jonathan Nolan who updated us on the screenplay he’s working on for the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight,” that his brother Chris Nolan will direct.  Jonathan is a sensational writer and we really appreciated his time. Here’s what he had to tell us:

Q: How much of the Dark Knight are you involved in?

JN: Well I wrote my draft; now Chris is…

Q: What can you tell us about your draft?

JN: Warner Brothers has a team of ninjas that will execute me if I say anything about the script.

Q: Is it darker than the first one?

JN: The name says it all.

Q: So it’s definitely darker?

JN: The name says it all. Absolutely right.

Q: Will we see more of Batman’s detective side?  Are you open to it?

JN: Wouldn’t that be great? Yeah, that would be fantastic. I would love that. That would be wonderful.

Q: You turned in your Dark Knight draft. How do you work together?

JN: Both Chris and I think of writing as sort of a tortured, solitary existence. I think that’s probably how you arrive at the best material. The process we found that works really well is you go off and lose your mind and you write your draft and you come back in and then the other guy says, "This sucks.” And you sort of have to fight for the ideas that are good and it seems to be the case that the best stuff in each of the films are the ones we argued about, that went back and forth.

Q: What about David Goyer’s role?

JN: At this point it’s…Dave’s a really busy guy. We’re lucky to collaborate with Chris on the story. So those guys gave me the…I wish I could tell you all about it, cause it’s awesome. They gave me this awesome story, so my job was really easy. They gave me this fantastic story and I sort of put it together.

I invite you to read my interview with Jonathan’s brother and writing partner, Christopher Nolan, who talks about writing/directing "The Prestige” and reveals the latest on his upcoming "The Dark Knight", right here.


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