The Wicked - New Trailer online

Posted by: MacReady

Our buddie Goon from pointed us to the new official trailer for Sal Ciavarello's "The Wicked". The movie is about a war between the descendants of the Knights Templar and a Satanic cult. The Satanists in "The Wicked" are a religious group under attack by the government of the United States for the simple reason of being what they are, and to those government officials what they represent falls under the laws of indecency and need to be wiped out. Some of these government officials happen to be part of their own sect... a group who call themselves the descendants of the Knights Templar. And now be sure to watch the new "The Wicked" Trailer.

"The Wicked" brings the director's talents and the over qualified Vincent Guastini's FX skills to form a movie about the occult. To learn more about Sal Ciavarello you can read our exclusive interview here, and don't hesitate to read the exclusive interview with Vincent Guastini here.


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