Win Butterfly Effect 2 on DVD ( 3 Copies )

Posted by: Michael
What if you could go back into your past and change it? Altering history, though, can carry unforeseen consequences in the present as the psychological thriller The Butterfly Effect 2 premieres on DVD on October 10, 2006, from New Line Home Entertainment. We will be giving away 3 copies to members of our website. To enter is simple. Shoot us an emailand tell us who starred in the original butterfly effect. HINT he hosts the show punked. We will then pick 3 lucky winners. This contest is only open to American and Canadian readers!

The highly-anticipated, thematic sequel to the 2004 hit The Butterfly Effect, follows Nick Larson (TV’s The L Word, TV’s Modern Men) as he turns back the clock to alter the fate of his girlfriend, Julie (Erica Durance, TV’s Smallville, TV’s Tru Calling), and his best friends after a deadly car crash. However, time-travel has a way of catching up with him, and the future is not always what is seems. If you dont want to miss out on future contests which we run regularly be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below.


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