Is Blade The Series Dead?

Posted by: Jerrica

SpikeTV's "Blade: The Series" is the television adaptation of the successful "Blade" films with Wesley Snipes. Blade is Marvel's vampire-slaying Daywalker, the vampire who devotes his strengths to killing vampires and the movie about him is often credited with breaking the Marvel movie curse. With DC on a winning streak with the CW series "Smallville," it seemed time that Marvel gave the TV show market a shot. "Blade: The Series" started decently strong, but in the end, it seems to have been hit or miss with its audience in its freshman season.

Recently, there has been talk swirling around the net about the series being cancelled. The origin of this particular rumor is Jill Wagner, the show's lead actress. Apparently, she posted a notice on MySpace in a locked post that the word had come down to her that there would be no second season. This is not yet confirmed in any official capacity, as no announcement by the network has been made to this effect. quoted the comments Wagner made that were picked up and published online in a more public forum at; "Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you who supported me and Blade the Series. I was just informed today that there will be NO 2nd season of Blade the Series. I really enjoyed playing Krista and i hope that i did her justic [sic] at least for one season!"

The first season of "Blade: The Series" wrapped on September 13th, and it was 13 episodes long counting the pilot as two separate parts, which sounds bad in and of itself if you're superstitious. If you're not consider this; the show debuted back in June and has endured mixed reviews and tough comparisons to the films as it walked in their shadow, the show's star, Sticky Fingaz, taking much criticism being held to the standard Wesley Snipes set for the character and his mood. It doesn't sound as good as the show's supporters would hope, but time will reveal whether or not there's any truth to this Internet tale.


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