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June 25th, 2018

Iron Man 3 Movie Trailer

IRON MAN 2 left something of a bad taste in my mouth- I didn’t hate it, but compared to the first film it was quite disappointing. Then of course there came THE AVENGERS which made me almost completely forget about the lackluster sequel. It was inevitable that a third film would be on its way eventually even in the wake of THE AVENGERS and despite not really looking forward to a third standalone film in the Marvel universe for IRON MAN I decided to take a gander at the trailer and man oh man was I not disappointed.

I love this trailer and it accomplishes everything I could have hoped it could do even if THE AVENGERS wasn’t there to make me forget IRON MAN 2.

The third film comes from writer/director Shane Black who looks to have hit the ground running with the franchise. The trailer uses a really effective mix of stirring music and utter silence that make the film look both fun and even dramatic.

The quick shots of action look fantastic and there’s an extended sequence that puts Iron Man in a great deal of peril that looks equally fantastic. I for one cannot wait to see the finished product and if this were to be the only trailer we get (which it won’t be) I would be perfectly satisfied and ready cash in hand to buy my ticket opening weekend.


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