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May 24th, 2018

Identity Thief Review

identitytheftmccarthyDenver business-dude Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) gives away his personal information so willingly to Florida identity thief Diana, setting off a chain of events towards redemption for both of them.

For this recipe, add one part Midnight Run. Also sprinkle in some Tommy Boy for flavor. Leave in the oven at 350 until an odd friendship develops; and then add an uninspiring ending for presentational purposes.

I want to like Melissa McCarthy, I really do. She had me sold in this one endearing scene at a hotel restaurant-where she gracefully gives the crowd a glimpse of her full potential. AND then it got ripped away from her and stomped into the ground. Never to be seen from again. Same with Jason Bateman; when he does a fun little rendition of his former boss. Instead of adding humor throughout the movie, McCarthy just came off as annoying. Really annoying. The moment when Bateman wacks her in the face with a guitar…I was secretly wishing it was me doing that to her character. She had annoyed me that much that quick.

Identity Thief got down to being dumb quicker than it should have, and couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) be resuscitated. I am attempting to be positive in 2013, even with films I think will end up on my “Worst of the Year” list. There are two pleasant parts of this film. One was Big Chuck (Eric Stonestreet), who could pull his weight as McCarthy’s brief love-interest. His character was unfortunately turned into an annoying mass of sexualized energy. The quicker the better? The second is McCarthy making up bogus stories at the drop of a hat to hotel clerks, waitresses, and so on. Bateman in turn has to defend himself as best as possible, or face being punched in the throat again.

In Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton has the line “Well they all can’t be winners.” B.B.T. just didn’t know he was talking about Identity Thief.

Identity Thief – ★


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