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June 21st, 2018

5 Best Fathers Day Movies

It is fathers day so Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. As its fathers day what better time then to look at 5 movies about fathers you all should enjoy with your family patriarch. So here are 5 that cross the genres and should easily appeal to most dads. I have deliberately chosen 5 films that are in quite different genres so hopefully you will see something, think of your dad, and go watch it with him.

The GodFather:

This is a pretty easy choice since the Godfather is a classic and shows the strength and dysfunction of a large mob run family that dominates the criminal underworld. As with all good gangster flicks tragedy unfolds in the end and we all learn the lesson crime does not pay but it is a great film about a strong father that won many deserving awards.

Father of the Bride:

I am willing to admit that I enjoyed this movie quite alot. I remember seeing it when I was young and laughing as well as feeling all warm and fuzzy as ‘dear old dad’ hands off his daughter to be married and everything that can, does go wrong. Its one of those films that you just can not help to watch and enjoy with your entire family.

The Shining:

This one clearly is not for the youngsters as it is a very violent and disturbing look at a father who goes off the tracks. That said it is still a very good film and since I am trying to cover a few genres with this piece its worth mentioning for you thriller/horror fans. The film is well written, though provoking and full of twists and turns.

Jack Nicholson really delivers in this film as a deranged father who is out to get his wife and son and must fight his inner demons. Stephen King at his finest.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

: I learned an interesting fact the other day watching a documentary. The book which the film was based on was written by Ian Fleming who wrote the James Bond books. Talk about unusual. The writer wrote Bond, and was himself a former MI6 agent and then wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Going from crime thrillers to one magical family film is quite a feat. Back to the point though this movie is one of my sons favorites.

He watches it with his mom all the time and although its admittedly a little bit to musical for my liking those of you who enjoy a fun, spirited, musical film with lots of fun characters will enjoy this one for fathers day. Very family friendly film for Fathers Day that regardless of age everyone can enjoy.

National Lampoons Vegas Vacation:

Really you could list any of the Chevy Chase Vacation movies as they are all fun, light hearted and entertaining. This is of course assuming you are a fan of Chevy Chase because I am. The films are a bit mature in the humor so its not a family fun flick per say but it is fun, warm and bumbling as well as highly entertaining.

Clark Griswold takes his family to Vegas for a vacation and between site seeing at all the wrong places, his wife being seduced and his crazy brother making them all radioactive its a great film. Lots of fun and worth watching.

Those are 5 films for fathers day I would suggest you enjoy. If you have your own contributions or favorites please do post them in the comments.


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