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May 21st, 2018

Watch Instantly : Dexter Seasons 5 & 6 Hit NETFLIX

I am a huge fan of DEXTER and my good friend Mary let me know that finally after much waiting Season 5 and Season 6 of Dexter are now available for Streaming Online.

Like many of you I can not afford to pay for SHOWTIME and for that reason I partake in NETFLIX which is a solid deal for those of us with limited resources. The arrival of Dexter Season 5 and Dexter Season 6 on Netflix is in a word… delightful. Below is an overview of the two new seasons for those like me who have not yet seen them.

Dexter Season 5

Dexter mourns his devastating loss while barely escaping detection by his sister, her partner-turned-boyfriend Quinn, and disgraced former cop Liddy (Peter Weller); he also reluctantly provides his advice and guidance to Lumen (Julia Stiles), a near-victim of a serial killer and his abusive accomplices who sets out to get lethal revenge on those who kidnapped her.

 Dexter Season 6

Dexter considers the nature of faith while stalking the Doomsday Killer (Colin Hanks), a vicious, deluded, religious fanatic who displays his victims in grisly, Biblical-themed tableaux; Deb gets promoted to lieutenant and reconsiders her relationship with Dexter; Quinn goes on a season-long bender that threatens his partnership with Batista; Masuka hires an intern who is in awe of Dexter.


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