Land of the Dead - First Zombie Pic !

Posted by: MacReady
We got 2 new pictures taken at the set of "Land of the Dead", the upcoming Zombie Movie from director George A. Romero. Tom sent us a mail and i coulnd't believe what i saw. This are not just pictures of the set, cause this time we also got a great shot of the Zombies, Romero is presenting us.
We waited over 19 years for this moment, and one thing is for sure: This man is not going to disappoint us. After seeing this pics, i'm even more curious. I just can't await the movie to come out.

Set many years after 'Day of the Dead', society has returned to life in a new way. The zombies are rotting away into irrelevance & now disregarded much like the way homeless people are today, as the human survivors live in a fortified city, trying to live normal lives.

The special effects for "Land of the Dead" are handled by KNB. The movie will be released by Universal Pictures and i scheduled for a release on the 21th of October 2005.

You can watch this pics in bigger size at our LotD Galery here.

Did i mention, that i just installed a counter on my PC, counting down the seconds, till i'm able to see this movie ?

THX to Tom for sending us this really great pics !

Edit: I just got another email, telling me that this pics are from USA Today. One of their reporters, Susan Wloszczyna, had the chance to star as a zombie in "Land of the Dead" (see pic above, she's the one in the middle).

You can read her complete article, about what she experienced, and look at 6 more pics (Susan gets her Make-Up from Greg Nicotero !), at USA-Today here.


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