Sherry Moon playing Deborah Meyers in Halloween Remake

Posted by: DirtyRobot
Casting news for Rob Zombie's Halloween is coming fast and furious.  Just announced via his MySpace is that a couple alumni of The Devil's Rejects has joined the cast.  SHERI MOON ZOMBIE will portray Michael Myers mother DEBORAH MYERS, a longtime employee of THE RABBIT IN RED LOUNGE.  WILLIAM FORSYTHE will be playing RONNIE WHITE, Deborah's abusive boyfriend.
Earlier casting news includes Malcolm McDowell will play Dr. Loomis. Quote from his blog:

Well, here is the news you've all been waiting for. Who is Dr. Loomis? Well, the answer is..... the one and only MALCOLM McDOWELL ! Yes, lengendary actor Malcolm McDowell will be the new Dr. Loomis.

As many of you know A Clockwork Orange is my favorite film and I am a huge, huge fan of Malcolm. I know Malcolm will kick ass as Dr. Loomis. He is thrilled to be part of HALLOWEEN and is ready to make a new classic.

On top of that he adds
I'm very, very excited about this bit of casting news. DEE WALLACE STONE has joined the cast of Halloween as Cynthia Strode. Laurie Strode's mother.
So lots of casting news. Dimension has announced that they will be releasing Rob Zombie's Halloween movie not on halloween but in August. Be sure to  checkout the video interview with Rob Zombie we posted earlier in the month where he talks about the new remake


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