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George Lucas Retires: Joins The Retired Side!

George Lucas Retires! Over the years I have decided to compare George Lucas to one person…George bush. Now let me explain, they both have the same first name and stylish grey hair. George bush has a dad who in all honesty...
by Reece F-Welch


Safe House Movie Review

When your having to remake a star wars movie made in the late 90’s, put a cheap product called 3D into it, add new special effect then throw it in the cinemas, its clear to see that films this month are really in need of a ge...
by Reece F-Welch


Men In Black 3 Movie Review

There’s not enough make-up in the world that will not make Tommy Lee-Jones look dated, However I cant say the same about the film. The third instalment of the Men in Black franchise brings back the golden oldies Tommy Lee Jon...
by Reece F-Welch



Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill Movie Review

The “comedy”(and I use that world lightly) is about a guy called Jack played by Adam Sander whose sister Jill, also played by Adam Sandler has come to visit over the thanksgiving holidays. ‘Hilarity’ ensues when...
by Reece F-Welch