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Eat Pray Love and Then Look Pretty

The most gorgeous among the recent crop of films, “Eat Pray Love” is like getting three for the price of one. “Eat” is a feast for the senses; “Pray” a flawed exercise; and “Love” a lush story. Adapted from Eliz...
by Cesar Marciano


The Hurt Locker Still Rocks After a Year

Many Iraq war veterans bashed “The Hurt Locker” last year, upset by its inaccuracies and “fantasies” about combat operations as well as bomb ordnance disposal protocol and, more seriously, a wrong notion of the military...
by Cesar Marciano


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Review

Like most Western economies, Oliver Stone’s sequel to “Wall Street” goes through cycles of boom and bust. In a world where bad debt can be sliced, diced and swapped, and a transaction is either in the money, at the money...
by Cesar Marciano



Legend of the Guardians Review

The hour of the owl has come. This creature of the night has shared top billing with the Pussycat when they went to sea, done cameo roles in horror movies, and is still stuck in bit parts, for example, as mail courier in the Ha...
by Cesar Marciano