MoviesOnline is a fan site that was formed in 2005 to provide information and news on all things film. Founded by Michael the site is quite literally by and for fans of film. None of the contributors to MoviesOnline are full time writers and each writer brings their own unique tastes to the site.

What makes MoviesOnline unique and a special place for readers to visit and frequent is that it is a fan site. We are fans of film and every day we write about the films we love and hate for no other reason than to share with you an honest and transparent perspective.

When MoviesOnline was founded the first writer to come on board was Rene aka MacReady and the primary focus of the site was horror films, comic book movies and zombie films. Since then the site has evolved greatly and improved immensely in its look and caliber of writing but we are still at heart a fan site and nothing more. We have been featured on more movie posters then can be counted and quoted in print and online numerous times. MoviesOnline proves it’s not about the writers but it’s about the content.

The writers of note on MoviesOnline are:

  • Luke – Day to Day news, editorial / columns
  • Herner Klenthur – Day to Day News
  • Sheila Roberts – Interviews
  • Michael Prince aka The Dude – The Box Office Report

Write for MoviesOnline: Do you have a passion for film? Although we are never actively seeking to add new writers if you are truly interested in sharing your views on film we are receptive to bringing on a team member that is passionate, considerate, and incredibly eager to be read by over 300,000 monthly readers. If you are interested simply email