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May 20th, 2018

Steve McQueen On Violence Criticism

While “12 Years a Slave” continues to build momentum in the lead up to the Oscars, there have been those that have criticized the film for being unnecessarily violent in it’s portrayal of slave conditions.  Steve McQueen has also been personally attacked by a certain critic who took great offense to the director’s work.

This week McQueen was on the Arsenio Hall Show where he was asked about some of these issues.  Though he didn’t directly address the critic who called him ” an embarrassing doorman and garbage man”, he did speak about his approach to making the film saying that “either I was making a film about slavery or I wasn’t.  And I decided I wanted to make a film about slavery.”

You can view part of the interview down below.  I also have to say that Arsenio is an excellent interviewer, there is a reason this guy ruled the 80s for a brief period.


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