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May 26th, 2018

The Ultimate Good Guy Returns In Curse Of Chucky Trailer Debut

Arriving on various VOD platforms September 24th and DVD and Blu-Ray October 8th is the newest addition to the Chucky cannon CURSE OF CHUCKY. Now admittedly I have not been following this all that closely- mostly because I just didn’t need to see another Chucky movie- but supposedly this is less a remake/reboot and more a pseudo-sequel that takes place after CHILD’S PLAY 3.

Regardless of any speculation, I watched the trailer and I’m not all that impressed or excited for the film. I have however read a brief opinion from someone who has seen the movie and assures CHILD’S PLAY fans that we are in for a treat- so maybe I should temper my negative reaction till I can see it for myself in full.

The trailer itself doesn’t really get into the plot so much as it shows off the new look of Chucky and a montage of him running after people and screaming. The problems I have are that I’m not really digging the glimpses we get of the new Good Guy doll, which looks more plastic than rubber. I also feel like there are too many predictable moments- so hopefully the full film delivers where the trailer seems to fail for me.

Check out the trailer below and chime in with your two cents!


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