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May 20th, 2018

Is The Man of Steel Worth Seeing? Maybe, Maybe Not!


I just got back from seeing Man of Steel this afternoon and I think I have the answer to whether its worth seeing or not. Man Of Steel is the latest Superman movie that reboots the entire franchise of films with Christopher Nolan producing and Zack Snyder directing. The budget was a staggering $225million and with the talents of Nolan and Snyder and that kinda payola how can it fail? Right? Wrong!

I have never honestly been  a huge fan of Superman but I admire director Zack Snyder immensely. He is the mastermind behind the film adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300 and helmed the stellar remake of Dawn of the Dead. With this criteria only I was excited to see Superman, Man of Steel. Unfortunately while I was hoping to get a film that was full of passion its exactly what I expected a mindless festival of high flying CGI and supermen clobbering each other all over Smallville and Metropolis.

Unlike with other superhero movies I have a hard time connecting with a hero who is immortal and watching immortals battle each other with no true risk is both tedious and exhausting. I prefer characters like Stan Lee’s Spiderman where super powered mortals face challenges to help society and face real risks including their ultimate demise. For this reason Superman has never resonated with me and unfortunately Man of Steel did not either.

The casting was solid, the writing was ok but that is about all I can say that I liked about Man of Steel. Otherwise it was just another Superman movie with a villain we have seen before. I was unable to connect with any of the main characters and adding a mixture of intense CGI special effects and 3D does not make Man of Steel any better.

I give it a 7 out of 10 and as far as whether Man of Steel is worth seeing or not it depends on you really. If you loved the Superman comics you will love Man of Steel but otherwise its pretty flat. It does not bring anything new to the table and certainly does not break new ground in the superhero movie genre. Frankly Man of Steel is a low point for Zack Snyder’s work and I think when it comes out on Blu-ray I will just pass and watch 300 again.

Its worth noting that my writing partner in crime Luke also saw the film and thinks quite differently. He sums up his review writing;

For me, with Snyder to have the watchful eye and mind of Christopher Nolan he bounces back from the abysmal SUCKER PUNCH with a film that’s exponentially bigger and stronger with an actual heart in center of it. To each their own about how effective the drama lands given the big expensive special effects that fill the screen in the final acts of the film.

MAN OF STEEL is a blockbuster action flick that aims to please as many people as it can, but ultimately settles on a main entree of big budget action with a side of decent character drama. To borrow from Nolan’s Batman franchise, MAN OF STEEL may not be the Superman movie we needed, but in my opinion it’s the one we deserve.

Did you see Man of Steel? Tell us what you thought. Worth noting that Man of Steel brought in just over $56million in its opening night at the box office so if it holds up it is well on its way to being a hit at the box office.


  1. Justin Eden

    I’m sorry to say this, but I feel the same way.

    Man I really feel bad saying that though, I really wanted it to work!

  2. Justin Eden

    Tron Legacy, John Carter, GI Joe Retaliation this list could actually just keep going and going….

    Sad for us film buffs!

  3. exnetflixmember

    I am a Superman fan, but this movie failed big time, just a cgi mess with no emotion, no reason to care for the characters….

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