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May 26th, 2018

Iron Man 3 Crushes Box Office But Its Still a Bad Movie

Iron Man 3 managed to capitalize on the popularity of the MARVEL brand to shoot its way to number one at the box office this weekend despite the fact its a really bad movie. The film which stars Robert Downey Jr managed to bring in $680million world wide making it the biggest money maker out of the three films in the franchise according to BoxOfficeMojo

Luke reviewed Iron Man 3 earlier in the week giving it a 9 out of 10 showing that he was clearly in a much better mood then I was when he saw it.

For me Iron Man 3 missed the mark in every possible way and is by far the worst film yet in the series.

I am not sure if it is the new director or the fact its the third film in the franchise and they are starting to run out of tricks but for me Iron Man 3 was flat. A great brand like Iron Man can not be kept alive with splashy special effects and 3D it needs substance and Iron Man 3 had very little.

The original Iron Man movie was a fantastic film because it had heart. Sure it was based off some of the best source material available but it takes much more then a great source graphic novel to make a movie work.

The mix of sarcasm and plenty of wit made the original Iron Man funny without being ridiculous. Interlacing the action and stellar effects it made the original Iron Man an all around fun time. Iron Man 2 managed to loose most of that magic and Iron Man 3 lost it completely.

Iron Man 3 may not have had Tony Stark womanizing or acting out as a play boy but it did have him dropping all kinds of one liners that had no place including calling a young boy a ‘pussy’ for missing a family member.

Iron Man 3 had some great potential but managed to miss its mark. Mild Spoilers ahead. The idea of Tony Stark taking on the Mandarin without his tech is a genius idea were it not for two things. If the Mandarin was truly threatening the world The Hulk would crush him in a heart beat. Just because the government says ‘this is not a job for superheroes’ doesnt mean the Hulk suddenly starts listening to a logical argument.

More significantly we are forced to believe that when Tony Stark’s primary suit is destroyed he must head to the hardware store to assemble a rag tag suit when in fact he has the Hulk Buster suit and a dozen other suits all just waiting to deploy. Talk about a strange series of events.

The card played the worst in the film was the end of Iron Man. Was the end events of the film really the end of Iron Man? Because if so they should have watched The Dark Knight Rises to see how to build an emotional ending to a much loved character. Then again can they really put an end to Iron Man with Avengers 2 just around the corner?

The humor, charm and wit of Iron Man was replaced in the third film with over the top violence, a complete lack of intelligent dialogue and special effects that would not quit but should.

Iron Man 3 for me was a bust. Was it for you?


  1. Red sunn

    Although I admit it was the least entertaining of the 3 Iron Man movies made, it was far from being a bad movie. I thought the story was the only thing about the movie that could have been better. The Mandarin in the comic was a true villain with different powers coming from different rings. I was disappointed that he wasn’t even a villain in the movie but an actor portraying a villain. Other than that, it was entertaining. Far more than any Batman movie made. All of those, even the recent ones, are the most over rated and bad movies ever made.

  2. biggy

    I haven’t seen it and now i won’t, ive been collecting marvel comics for years, i even have the 1st five issues of iron man, 1-2 of hulk that my grandfather kept in mint condition of which now i have in a secure lockup, sorry beside the point, from some of the original iron man comics i have from the 60’s the mandarin was a true villian who inbraced his fate as the mandarin with 10 magical rings. Of which gave him his power, Thor has has magic why couldn’t they play the fact that the mandarin was magic, but you know marvel and Disney they may say there doing for the fans, but they want that $700 million. Don’t get me wrong who wouldn’t, but the fact of the matter is that they completely destroyed the name and character of the mandarin. Nice job marvel way to fuck up a perfectly good character.

  3. Ganieda Moher

    Actually, I thought IM3 it was the BEST of the three Iron Man movies so far, and among the reasons ARE the twist in the Mandarin story (which was HILARIOUS — only fanboys will complain about this; the rest of us loved it!) AND the fact that Tony spends most of the movie NOT in the suit. That’s what I want to see! I do NOT go to Iron Man movies to see the big CGI iron men bashing each other and zipping through the air — that’s SFX eye-candy stuff and frankly, as well done as it is, it’s not very interesting. I go to see what makes the very complicated Tony Stark tick, and the always-interesting Robert Downey Jr. playing him — and this movie delivered that with a terrific script, as it delved into Tony’s fears and anxieties, making him a lot more human than any “superhero” of recent memory. Stark is the physically weakest of the Avengers and he knows it – he thinks the only reason he can play on the same team as the super-soldier, the god, the beast and the assassins is because of his suits — and he’s right, in a way. He feels inadequate now that he knows the scope of what faces them – that there are alien invaders and worse out there. IM3 was about Tony realizing that HE is Iron Man — the suits, well, they’re disposable – they come out of his genius, and its his intrinsic genius that really is Iron Man. He may be the physically least strong of the bunch, but he’s also the brains and the intelligence, and he is as courageous as any of them. I don’t see IM3 as Tony’s farewell — it is obviously a bridge to more exploration of this fascinating character. Now that he has mastered Extremis (to cure Pepper) and had the arc reactor and shrapnel removed, he can begin to USE Extremis to his own ends, and this will move the series into the compelling Extremis arc of the comics (with Marvel Studios’ requisite changes, of course). IM3 was the deepest of the the three movies and I think that’s why some moviegoers didn’t like it (too smart for the room — and it definitely had that Shane Black quirkiness that worked so well in “Lethal Weapon” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and made the TONE of IM3 different from the first two Iron Man movies. But do we REALLY want to see the same movie and same tone again and again? I thought the Shane Black-isms were brilliant and made this movie stand out very memorably. Thumbs way up!

  4. exnetflixmember

    agreed completely with this review. nothing to add….

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