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October 23rd, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Ratings Explode

The best line yet from The Walking Dead came in season 3 last night courtesy of The Guvnor.

In this life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill

That and Karls transformation to a no questions asked killer got the Season 3 finale going in the right direction and the ratings now show that AMC did not miss the mark at all.

Charlie Collier President of AMC is one happy camper with the ratings of the final episode of Walking Dead Season 3. Season 2's final episode of Walking Dead brought in 9 million viewers and Season 3 has once again outdone the previous.

According to the numbers that have been released the Walking Dead Season 3 finale brought in 12.3million viewers. This despite some pretty major backlash online from fans who felt the finale was a complete let down. The shows producers had promised the show would not be completely true to the graphic novels and the arc of last nights finale of The Walking Dead Definitely showed that with one key character killed off early and another left to fight again completely against the graphic novels and how they played out.

Charlie Collier in a press release declared 'two words: grateful dead' expressing how pleased he is to be working with the team that are producing and creating The Walking Dead TV Show. He points out that The Walking Dead in just three short seasons has become a pop culture phenomenon as well as a massive ratings hit for AMC. Frankly I agree.

The Walking Dead up until AMC took a gamble on making a show out of it was a very popular graphic novel with nerds and horror fans but in the mainstream there was very little interest. AMC was able to take the outstanding source material with the help of Frank Darabonte and turn it into a cultural event.

Obviously the timing was right with Zombieland a massive smash hit and zombies in general moving into the mainstream but had AMC mishandled The Walking Dead it could have just as easily been a bomb. The involvement of Frank Darabonte, Greg Nicotero and other key players ensured it would succeed. It has seen some rocky missteps over the seasons however and has made some fans displeased with the first big shocker being Frank's departure from the show.

I for one think that Season 1 was nothing short of genius, Season 2 was a complete snooze and Season 3, I am not sure yet. The season was definitely a step up from Season 2 but I tend to agree with fans online who are crying about the lackluster finale, the death of a key character and the fact that one of the main characters who should have died lives to return another season.



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