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October 16th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 Finale, AMC Ratings Are Over!


Its over. The stellar ratings at AMC as a result of The Walking Dead TV Show have finally ended and it will be at least another half a year before AMC see’s those ratings climb again. Unless of course they can figure out how to tap into a new source of fan addiction.

The Walking Dead Season 3 broke new ground and new records for viewership at AMC and I am sure that the powers that be are flipping hastily through old graphic novels and source material to find another ratings monster to run when The Walking Dead is not on the air, or god forbid gets cancelled due to lack of fan support.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale was last night and if you look at the online forums and social media people are pissed. If you have not watched the final episode might I suggest you read no further since I am going to get into spoiler land.

Fans were hoping that Season 3 would end on a big climax but instead we got a powder puff shoot out slightly bigger then the shoot out at the OK Coral with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

We thought that Rick and The Governor would finally throw down but that did not happen. The Governor is still kicking and likely to return again in Season 4 or Season 5 with some sort of big block buster entrance. Perhaps he rides in on a white horse with a slew of newly recruited soldiers in tow?

Considering he showed his true colors one of the few highlights from Season 3 and murdered his own people he could definitely use some new helpers.

The biggest shocker for fans was the end of Andrea who finally met her untimely demise after spending the entire season acting like a complete idiot trying to ‘make everyone just get along’. Season 2 Andrea became one of my favorite characters showing strength and fortitude and Season 3 was all about proving that she really truly was a complete moron unable to comprehend the most simple of concepts, like the fact that The Governor who pits her friends against zombies in a battle to the death really and truly is a bad guy.

I know alot of fans were sad to see Andrea go and I am sure her death was supposed to have an emotional toll on me but frankly I was so tired of her ‘cant we all get along’ routine that I was completely uninvested in her character… and her death.

I have no doubt that The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale will have huge ratings numbers but the bigger question is where will they take things for Season 4? On our sister sites Facebook page readers are up in arms declaring they are done with the series after two back to back flat seasons of The Walking Dead.

Others have declared The Walking Dead Season 3 as a complete ‘WTF” moment. For me I enjoyed Season 3 and think that anything is a big step up over Season 2 but my big question is after two seasons of very little momentum can they keep the show going and keep fans interested? Season 3 offered alot of great new characters but it did end on a very flat note. I will admit I was expecting more and the last 15minutes of the Finale did the opposite of Season 2.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead was slower then a herd of turtles with the last episode being a massive scene of violence and intensity. Season 3’s finale …. not so much.

I purchase The Walking Dead on Demand since I dont get AMC where I live and as much as I enjoyed Season 1, tolerated Season 2, and muddled through Season 3 even I am considering if Season 4 of The Walking Dead will end up being worth my time.

What did you think of last night’s Walking Dead Season 3 Finale? Impressed? Disappointed? Hit the comments to let us know.


  1. jtboy78

    Best show on tv isfyou want some stupid crap ending go watch some network BS. Anyone who didn’t think the season 3 finale was powerful is a FN idiot. Humanity and hope was brought back to Rick and the group, Carl is becoming little Shane, The Governor snapped and killed all his people and is still alive. I can’t for season 4.

  2. hiphopcr

    That was the worst season finale in the history of season finales. Who takes 40 minutes to pick up pliers? Who has to keep taking breaks to look around? Oh yeah, Andrea, the most hated character of season 3 (picking up where Lori left off) and indecisive until the end! Her death was the big emotional reveal of the finale? We’ve all been waiting all season for her to die, she’s terrible!

    So what’s the big intrigue so keep us excited for season 4? Rick is now running an old folks home/day care! Rick gets to to take care of women and children inside the prison! What’s the worst part of this show? THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!! Lori, Andrea, Carol, Michonne, Carl, all ANNOYING characters!

    The show has gotten so popular they’ve watered it down for the mass pop because soccer moms just want to be titillated but not offended.

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