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June 25th, 2018

Shawn Reviews Evil Dead

So my expectations were through the roof for this movie, that normally gets me letdown, however this movie was spectacular for a “re-imagining”. Fun, eerie, dark, bloody, gory, 80’s new generation slasher of our generation! Horror fans rejoice!! I can’t imagine what the UNRATED version is going to be like!! Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi did not dissapoint fans by any means, It’s been 30 years since the original one came out which for it’s time was incredibly gory with a hint of comedy

This “re-imagining” changes up the characters, with a twist at the end but still remains simillar overall. I noticed they even showed an old car like Bruce Campbells in the original (Delta Oldsmobile) all abandoned sitting outside the cabin. This movie is not a direct remake, but all rules apply; Book of the dead, heavy thick woods with fog, dreary colours, the cabin, the classic tree branches rape scene, the storms, the music, the bridge they can’t cross, the fast panel lens zoom in the forrest when the spirits are coming at the characters and yes even the chainsaw LOL

This movie isn’t all CGI either, they spent alot of time with make-up, prosthetics and probably ten’s of thousands of dollars on fake blood. I actually liked that they didn’t use the character of “ASH” in this, because fans would be far to sensative to accept a new “ASH” and expectations would be impossible, so they did it smart. I felt like It was a movie from the 80’s only with more advantced prothetics.

I was looking forward to the pencil in the ankle scene, but aside from that I was pleased. If your not a “horror fan” that loves Rated R 80’s slashers and cult classics stay away from this movie, I wouldn’t then suggest seeing a light spooky PG-13 film with a light spooky plot and piddly jump scares like Sinister, The Unborn or The Possesion. I will say there is something at the end of the credits. Stay.


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