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April 21st, 2019

Two New Posters, World War Z Movie

We have two brand new posters for World War Z which have come to us via IMPAWARDS and The two posters are quite crafty and finally we get to see a film poster that doesnt feature a primary character posing or a bunch of floating heads.

World War Z is based off the smash hit book by Max Brooks and stars Brad Pitt and the general consensus from fans of the book is 'wtf is this movie about'. The most common comment I have read is 'did they even read the book?'

Right off the bat the biggest no no for World War Z is the ant like infestation of zombies and the insane amount of CGI. True blue zombie movie fans and fans of the World War Z book by Max Brooks are up in arms that the movie does not honor the book and more importantly that it features all the things that piss zombie fans off.

Mindless action trailers with little substance, tons of CGI and zombies that dont act like zombies sum up most the beefs.

That said I am more then confident that Brad Pitt's production company Plan B that made the movie has no interest in catering to the old school zombie genre fans. They are taking great source material in an effort to make a mainstream 'infection' movie ala I Am Legend. Like it or not this movie is very likely going to be a huge hit.



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