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April 21st, 2019

Spring Breakers Movie Review

How do you even go about writing a review on a film that is so painstakingly incredible, but you don't want people to see it? The thing about Spring Breakers is; the wrong people are going to go see this movie. This is not some 14 year old's wet dream, it is an incredibly poignant and adult film that should be getting the high praise for technical it deserves.

Harmony Korine is one of the most important filmmakers working in film today. When you have Selena and Ashley telling their fans this might not be the film for you, do you think they were doing it for their health? When a filmmaker this good takes on a project of this magnitude and with this kind of a cast, if you are not film conscious you should probably think twice before attending the film. Its a meticulous and blindingly spot on work of cinema that at times can even boarder on pretentious; but through the constant use of repeats and gun shots and editing the film like it is another Trance song these kids would be listening to in the film, we get a work that I can honestly say is the most important piece of art for young generations I have seen in years. This is the future of film!

It took me 3 screenings to muster up something to write about, because Harmony has so much going on you cant fully take in everything at once. Finally seeing it with a packed house and getting audience reactions I can see why this film is about to be cherished and referenced in youth cinema for sometime to come, because the audience just don't get it and the young filmmakers are going to see that and just want to do it even more. Which I feel is fantastic.

The film is so sharp and so on the ball it makes sense how it is going to go over so many heads. Harmony has given so much to look at yet we are still blurred; and in a time of polished mediocre films, its refreshing to see a gritty yet vibrant take on modern cinema again. It gave me chills to see the phone footage in the vain of Dogme and the through back to Fight Harm and the meat head elements of Gummo, it was Harmony back with vigor and passion! The piano man sequence was some of the best work he has ever done.

James Franco deserves an Oscar for this performance, hands down. I have not seen the likes of a performance like this in some time. He is so greasy and so vile yet jumps off the screen at you. This performance will get lost in the year but I feel it needs to be remembered. Everyone involved in this film were on. Skrillex and Cliff masterfully scored the film to another level of perfection.

So I don't know if I answered any of your questions or just gave you more, but I highly recommend you see this film if you legitimately know what your getting into. Because this isn't controversial, or something for you frat boys or even for you Disney girls; this is a masterclass in how to make good cinema. So hit me baby one more time.

Editors Note: This was a guest post contributed by Robert Lalonde!


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