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June 19th, 2018

Scare Zone Trailer Looks Like Indie Horror Gold!

It is really never fair to judge a movie by its trailer but the upcoming indie horror film Scare Zone looks like pure gold from the trailer. Sure the production values are a bit low but its hommage to early teen horror flicks, corny one liners and cheesy laughs just stole my heart completely.

Synopsis: Scare Zone is Oliver’s pride and joy. Sure, it’s just another strip-mall Halloween Horror House, but as always, he’s put his heart and soul into it for the last two years. This year the theme is “Scare Zone III: the Psyco-Splatter Raw-topsy Slaughter Dungeon” where he’s created an entire creepy Victorian maze featuring all of his best scenarios: the Living Amputation, the odiferous Toilet of Terror, the Vampire Bride (featuring Bat-Baby), and of course a final encounter with the chainsaw wielding Pumpkin Carver.

The attraction is open for three nights only, and Oliver has brought back his old crew, including ex-con Spider, eager bride-to-be Summer, and the enigmatic Goth princess Claire. And bunch of newbies are also on board, including earnest young Darryl, who immediately finds himself bewitched by the creepy Claire. But this dysfunctional ‘scream team’ will need to work and keep it together while someone or some-thing is out to make their horror house attraction REAL.


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