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April 21st, 2019

New Trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z

Brad Pitt is a great talent and has done some fantastic films over the years and World War Z will be the latest film in his long career. Produced by his production company Plan B it is adapted from Max Brook's smash hit book 'World War Z' but being candid so far all it has done is pass of fans of the book.

Alot of old school zombie film fans get very irate over running zombies but for me its not a big deal. Old school fans also get really pissed over mass amounts of CGI which again doesnt bother me all that much. I do however align myself with old school fans when zombies act like Ants and suddenly a zombie pandemic turns the infected into a swarming incoherent horde that makes me question how this has anything to do with Max Brooks source material.

I will still see the movie no question and thankfully this second trailer is better then the first but I am still very doubtful what this film has to do with zombies of any kind or if the filmmakers read the source material at all.



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