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April 21st, 2019

Horror Film SOLO Heads to Cannes

The agency that is taking SOLO to Cannes to try and find a buyer sent us an email with some details on the film including the poster which you can checkout below.

Solo is the story of a girl who has to go on a Solo camping campaign to qualify as a counsellor for an employment opportunity. She in the traditional form encounters a 'stranger in the woods' where she experiences as they call it 'all the worst things a woman fears most'.

Annie Clark who stars is a look alike for Jennifer Lawrence which just goes to show you that Jennifer Lawrence has truly gone mainstream when we start comparing other actresses to her. It is nice to see more and more 'girl next door beauties' getting their run in Hollywood with less focus on 'plastic beauty' and more focus on 'natural beauty'

Dirty Dishes and loud farts from men? Sorry I just could not resist :) In all seriousness we wish them all the best at Cannes and should have a trailer for you all soon.



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