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June 20th, 2018

High Fives All Around, The Birdemic 2 Trailer Has Arrived


It was funny the first time- but after watching the newly released trailer for BIRDEMIC 2: THE RESURRECTION I feel like I’m just watching a comedian tell the same joke over and over. Remember all the BS environmental messages from the first film- well the sequel aims to finishing choking you with the same message. The new trailer is complete with ridiculous high fives, terrible rapping, terrible dancing and even more stilted line delivery.

When I first heard that the sequel would be filmed with the actors NOT winking at the camera I thought maybe just maybe the film could be entertaining. I still believe it could be entertaining in a so bad its good way, but the actors not winking at the camera was a load of BS since the trailer essentially ends with Whitney Moore winking at the camera before a GIF gunshot at the audience.

If you wanted more of everything BIRDEMIC SHOCK AND TERROR had to offer then I’m willing to bet this will probably make your day. More birds, more sex, more fake blood and more guns- BIRDEMIC: THE RESURRECTION aims to literally replicate the midnight movie success BIRDEMIC SHOCK AND TERROR enjoyed just a few years ago.


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