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May 20th, 2018

Evil Dead Sequel to Tie into Army of Darkness Reboot?

Oh how things get confusing quickly. At Wondercon this year Fede Alvarez the director of the Evil Dead remake and Bruce Campbell star of the original cult classic were on a panel talking about the remake, the planned sequel and Sam Raimi's upcoming Army of Darkness Sequel

From what Collider is reporting it seems that the Evil Dead remake which hits theaters next week will be tied into the upcoming Army of Darkness sequel which will star Bruce Campbell. During the panel Fede and Bruce indicated it will be a cross over film that will bring both casts together into the same movie. My thoughts…. umm yeah. .. wtf?

I am definitely on board for the remake despite my original misgivings and I am definitely on board for Sam Raimi to do more Evil Dead but I am not sold on combining the casts. Bruce Campbell is an icon the new cast is well… a new cast. As much as it boost their horror credibility to star alongside Bruce Campbell I am not sure it does anything for the film.

Originally we thought that Sam Raimi and his brother were doing a sequel to Army of Darkness which would have been spectacular but now it seems that they will be doing a sequel to the original Evil Dead… so an Army of Darkness remake.

In a perfect world I would like to see Bruce Campbell back as Ash, not in a cameo but reprising his role from the end of Army of Darkness. In the alternate ending of Army of Darkness Ash wakes up in a distant future as an old man and now that Bruce is older he can definitely pull that role off.

For the sake of pissing off die hard horror fans I would love to see Sam Raimi write it but somebody like Peter Jackson direct it. Imagine Army of Darkness ala Lord of the Rings with all the humor and b-movie antics we have come to expect from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Regardless of where the Army of Darkness sequel or Sam Raimi's Evil Dead sequel goes I am very excited to have more Evil Dead in any flavor so long as it involves Bruce Campbell.



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