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June 19th, 2018

Netflix To Offer 3D & ULTRA HD Movies

I just recently got a 3D television because it was on sale and was a complete steal. The first thing that came to mind to me after was how cool it would be if I could stream 3D movies on Netflix. Turns out Netflix was thinking the same thing.

Netflix users will be able to stream 3D movies and ultra HD 1080P movies. There are two significant catches to this announcement however. The first is that your internet service provider must be a part of the Netflix Open Connect program. This service is free to your ISP but considering most internet providers are also TV providers I am curious how many will embrace giving users more value that they can not for a crazy low price of $8.

The 3D selection that will launch is frankly pretty sad based on the press release but NETFLIX indicates that if their is demand they will continue to add more 3D movies and more 1080I high definition movies. Let me be the first to say Netflix yes we want more 3D movies added.

One last catch to this exciting new announcement from Netflix is how badly Canadians will get hosed for bandwith trying to watch 1080i or 3D movies. I suppose I will need to up my Bandwith once again.


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