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June 25th, 2018

The Last Exorcism Part II Trailer Premiere

I’m really hoping for a slew of great horror movies this year and after the red band trailer for EVIL DEAD I was getting very optimistic about our chances. One film I wasn’t sure about, let alone wasn’t really clamoring for a sequel to the original was THE LAST EXORCISM PART II. The trailer has premiered and the most obvious thing you will notice aside from the return of Ashley Bell as Nell is that the sequel is not presented as found footage. However, it does reference the fact that the original film is now in the public awareness and Nell is somewhat infamous because of it- an angle I think really works for the sequel. What I don’t think works is the fact that a majority of this just gives me flashbacks to subpar exorcism films such as THE RITE and THE DEVIL INSIDE (minus the found footage).

There are aspects of the trailer that I really like such as the emergence of the shadowy figures while Nell is speaking to the priest in the church and the performance once again of Ashley Bell as she looks to again be putting in some pretty strong work. There is still a lot about this that screams mediocre and I really hope that I’m wrong because I really loved THE LAST EXORCISM and I was one of the few that actually appreciated the ending and kind of just wanted it to end right there. There looks to be an excessive amount of cheap jumps scares throughout the trailer and a lot of info given away so I really hope the filmmakers haven’t played their hand too early.

THE LAST EXORCISM PART II comes to theaters March 1, 2013 and was directed by Ed Glass-Donnelly.


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