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June 20th, 2018

Amazon Prime Canada Launches

Amazon Prime has finally come to Canada but at first glance it is a much less exciting take on the American Prime program. Prime has been available in the USA for quite some time and gives its members free 2 day shipping, access to free online movie streaming and free kindle book loans.

The Canadian version however will not offer anywhere near that value. Amazon prime for Canada according to Mashable will simply offer free 2 day shipping to most cities in Canada for a fee of $79 a year.

I dont buy anything on Amazon so perhaps that is why I am not seeing the value here but definitely this is a very watered down version of what the USA, Germany and Japan have. Why Amazon has launched such a watered down version is candidly beyond me.

Steve Oliver the Manager of operations for Amazon Canada also made it clear they have no intentions to add video streaming and kindle book loaning to Amazon Prime Canada.

I suppose if you buy a lot of stuff on Amazon free 2 day shipping would make sense but for the rest of us I am not sure why this is exciting news. Do you use Amazon? Tell me are you excited for Amazon Prime Canada?



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