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December 15th, 2018

50 Shades Of Grey Screenwriter Promises NC-17 Rating

Fans of the insanely popular book series 50 Shades of Grey may have wondered for quite some time how their beloved story would translate on screen- in other words, just how much raunchy sex can they get away with? The recently hired screenwriter, Kelly Marcel has come out and said that the answer to that question is in short, a lot. The writer has said that her draft of the script features quite a bit of sex and that it is “raunchy” and promises that they are “100% going there.” The exact quote is as follows:

“It will be NC-17. It will be raunchy. We are 100% going there.”

This may or may not be wonderful news for fans wanting their dirty sweaty sex fantasy to come to life with a Hollywood cast. It seems unlikely to me the studio will allow the film to be NC-17 since the rating will not allow it in many theaters which would then spell box office doom for the adaptation- which in turn works against their hopes to turn this into a multi-film money making machine. The writer’s script may indeed be raunchy and full of the leathery S&M the readers are anxiously hoping for, but short of reviving XXX theaters all signs would realistically point at hard R- no pun intended.

If you look at recent NC-17 releases like KILLER JOE and SHAME, the thing they have in common is they were not widely released films. In fact the vast majority of audiences happened across them on the DVD shelf. Granted those two films take on sex and the nature of their rating is weighted nowhere near the sexy side of the dirty deed, but are instead dark disturbing looks at sex addiction and perversion. 50 SHADES OF GREY on the other hand looks to tantalize and turn its audience on, at least that’s what I’ve deducted from people who have read it (which I have not).

The other problem an NC-17 rating proposes is the field of actors and actresses that will be willing to bare that much flesh on screen. Will a young actress be willing to take the leap “for the art” and hope and pray that it’s a hit- same for the actor. If it makes a ton of money one might feel justified, but if it’s a terrible film there’s the risk your reputation is tarnished and that might be lights out on your career and your last known role was a softcore porn. This scenerio is full of red flags and potential career mistakes so if nothing else for those of us just looking on with morbid curiosity things just got that much more interesting. The film is still missing a director and a cast so it remains to be seen if this news chases potential filmmakers and actors off or makes them want to step up to the challenge.

Via: Yahoo! Movies


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