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March 24th, 2018

Superman Batman Apocalypse Review

DC and Warner Brothers have had a partnership for some time and part of that is creating animated movies for direct to DVD release. I have seen very few of them since like many of you I live on a budget and cant drop $20 on every animated movie that hits DVD.

Finally alot of these titles are hitting Netflix on Demand which means I am getting my first glance at them. The first of which is Superman Batman Apocalypse which I watched this weekend with my son which considering his age was a bit of a mistake ( He is 6 ).

Superman Batman Apocalypse is the introduction of Super Girl to earth as she falls to the planets surface in a meteor. Superman and Batman must team up to find out who is this strange girl that has the same powers as Superman and what are her intentions. Is it a plot? Or has she truly just arrived at earth to be reunited with her cousin Superman.

The movie also features Wonder Woman and one of the all time best Superman villains Dark Seid. Superman Batman Apocalypse is a fun animated movie which effectively brings two of the most popular DC characters to life, Batman and Superman. I have never been a big Super Girl fan but my son was impressed since this was his first time seeing a female Superman.

Superman Batman Apocalypse it is worth noting is also the furthest from a childs movie as it packs some extensive violence, blood and even a few brtutal death scenes.

Superman Batman Apocalypse is clearly targeting an older demographic of teens and adults and for the most part I was entertained. My only question about the animation in the DC marvel movies is why they have not evolved it more.

Perhaps its a cost issue but for me I would like to see a CGI rendered Superman movie similar to the Iron Man movies that have been on Youtube for the last year.

For its well conceived story and for its overall entertainment value I give Superman Batman Apocalypse a 3.5 out of 5 overall. It is as I noted available to watch on Netflix On Demand.



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