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June 19th, 2018

Green Lantern Blu-Ray 3D Review

I saw director Martin Campbell's Green Lantern in 2D in theatres and for lack of a better term it was pretty flat. I did see it in 2D however so that might explain its flatness. Did you catch my ever so witty play on words there?

3D televisions are becoming much more popular these days and also much more affordable so after being forced to replace my SAMSUNG TV which died prematurely I bought a Panasonia Viera which came with built in 3D.

It took me months to save up money to buy a new TV and when I did one of the small asides was it came with Active 3D technology. With this new technology I felt the need to get a few 3D movies and watch and see how does 3D look at home versus in the theaters.

Green Lantern is slightly better in 3D then 2D is the good news. The bad news however is that the film was done in post production and it is definitely far from the best 3D movie I have seen since my new foray into 3D.

Post production 3D is when the filmmakers shoot the film in 2D and then use computers to convert it after into 3D which means you have less 'out of the window' effects and 'in the window effects'.

In plain english this is items that come out at you and times where the movie feels like its sucking you right in. Unfortunately post production really seems to limit these scenes. Even more tragic for Green Lantern it also had moments where it did not appear to even be in 3D which was completely distracting from the overall story.

By far the best parts of Green Lantern 3D were when Hal Jordon was on the home planet of the lanterns which was almost entirely CGI which meant that adding 3D after is much easier. So these scenes and the opening and closing scenes, again all CGI were spectacular. Unfortunately everything else in between was pretty mediocre for the amount extra I had to pay for Blu-Ray 3D.

Ryan Reynolds is a good enough actor and is actually a personal favourite of mine. He was the only good thing about Blade 3, was excellent as Dead Pool in the Wolverine movie and yes he does a polished job as Hal Jordan.

Frankly my only real issue with the Green Lantern is it really lacked any sort of magic. The action sequences played out to quickly and the characters overall were hard to connect. Rather then building a back story like The Dark Knight did for Batman there was to big of a rush to make Ryan the Lantern and not enough on building proper momentum. Reynolds literally went from a smart mouthed fighter pilot to the best Lantern in the Universe in what felt like 30minutes.

When you combine this with barely there 3D The Green Lantern movie was frankly somewhat frustrating. When I saw Green Lantern in 2D in theaters I had very little good to say about it and the post production 3D efforts do very little to change my mind on that matter.

For that reason I have to honestly say I did not overly enjoy it in theaters and it was really not much better in Blu-Ray 3D. Rent it, dont buy it and if you see it in 3D great, if you dont no big loss.




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