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June 18th, 2018

Dredd 3D Movie Review

Oh how I hate 3D and oh how LionsGate and DREDD 3D have made me eat my own words. When James Cameron's AVATAR came out in 3D while everyone stood in line and waited forever to see it I sat in a near empty 2D theater. 3D gives me headaches and I was not about to pay a premium and sit in a crowded theater for a headache.

When people lined up for AVENGERS in 3D I sat completely content in a much fuller 2D screening. By the time I saw AVENGERS it was clear to me most people had gotten the point that not all 3D is made equal and if you are on a budget your just as good seeing it in 3D.

Part of the reason for the back lash against 3D I believe is post production 3D which is not anywhere near as good as true 3D as far as I am concerned. Even James Cameron the director behind AVATAR weighed in on how this new post 3D which is far cheaper will ruin this fledgling new technology.

DREDD 3D is shot in 'real 3d' as I am calling it meaning it was not done after the movie was made as a gimmick to simply fill seats. On top of that the 3D in DREDD is not the focus of the film. It is apparent that when the director Pete Travis and the screenwriter got together the focus was on the story and not how are we going to toss 3D projectiles into the audience every 15minutes.

DREDD is a remake of the 1995 movie which starred Sylvester Stallone. That film for me is one of the best b-movies ever made and was a fun campy take on the iconic character. Peter Travis the director of this new take on Judge Dredd has brought in a new story and a new Dredd but also managed to up the ante when it comes to not just the story but the look, feel and level of violence. When I think DREDD I do not think stunning cinematography but I do think violence and destruction. Pete Travis managed to combine them all which has resulted in a highly polished movie for fans.

DREDD is not anything like the 1995 version it is a beautiful film with a stand out cast featuring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and it is polished over with some of the best 3D I have seen. DREDD has in fact restored my faith in 3D movies and turned this cynic into a believer.

Prometheus is the only other 3D movie I watched that made me think 'wow' and DREDD is the first 3D movie that quite literally made me say 'Holy Sh*t'. DREDD is a masterpiece in my humble view and is the definition of a great action movie. If you happen to have a 3D bluray player and 3D Television I encourage you without question to pay the extra and get this film in 3D. It will blow your mind!

A few things that DREDD 3D has taught me is that I am being far to critical of 3D. I now regret not having seen AVATAR in 3D and look forward to watching it on my Panasonic 3D Television. As a little technical side note my TV which I just purchased is a Panasonic Viera 3D Television that uses active 3D glasses not passive 3D. I know that theaters use Passive 3D because the glasses are dirt cheap but I am still on the fence as to what difference this makes. I need to do more research.



  1. Nice review. I agree wholeheartedly, Dredd was the best film of the year. Now everyone buy it on DVD and Blu-ray so we can have a sequel. Though I’d question one statement. Dredd is a reboot not a remake.

    • Herner Klenthur

      To me its a remake whenever its been done before but reboot / remake. I see your point and concede to it. Glad to see i am not the only one who loved this flick. Tks for reading.

    • your3dcenter

      Have you seen the Hobbit? Just asking, because Dredd was at the top of the list in terms of 3D but after seeing the Hobbit, my mind quickly changed.

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