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May 20th, 2018

Check Out A Brand New Poster For Star Trek Into Darkness

I have to admit that the Star Trek sequel’s title has yet to grow on me, but that has not hindered my excitement for the film’s eventual release. J.J. Abrams revealed a meaningless half of half of a second footage in an appearance on Conan Obrien a while back which for whatever reason still got me incredibly excited. On to more recent news, a poster has surfaced online for the sequel which you can feast your eyes on below, that doesn’t necessarily boost my excitement or lessen it in anyway, it just brings my excitement for the film back to the forefront. Though I cannot help but roll my eyes at the excessive use of people standing amounts crumbling structures in posters these days, seeing how THE DARK KNIGHT RISES employed the same style earlier this year- not to mention films like the TRANSFORMERS franchise, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, THE DARK KNIGHT and so on.

What I do like about the poster though which is again, mimicked from THE DARK KNIGHT and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES poster is that the damage displayed in the poster is in the shape of that particular film’s iconic logo- in this case being the fleet insignia. It looks to be Spock standing in the debris, but then again it could very well be Benedict Cumberbatch, the long rumored villain of the film also rumored to be playing Kahn. Say what you will, the poster, familiar as it is still makes me excited to check the film out when it opens May 17, 2013.


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