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May 20th, 2018

Is Bill Murray Finally In For Ghostbusters 3?

At this point I’m starting to feet like a battered spouse- I keep telling myself I’m not going to think or even talk about anything involving the possibility of GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and the constant dance as to rather or not Bill Murray will be in it.

Well after an extended period of doing just that I’m back to talking about it with the news from that Bill Murray expressed interest on the red carpet of his newest film and even called Harold Ramis and told him he was in. The first line of the story goes so far as to say it is “confirmed” that Murray will be reprising his role- at this point though I’m still not holding my breath on it it and will probably only believe it when I see set footage or actual footage from the film.

The most frustrating thing is that I don’t even necessarily WANT to see a new GHOSTBUSTERS sequel- but if it comes to be, then there’s no chance in Hell that I’m going to miss it.

Murray reprising his character is something that does give me slight hope for the sequel, but depending on just how much he and the rest of the original cast that’s returning are involved I will need to hold my excitement until more casting comes to light.

So for now, I am once again going to retreat from this subject until more solid news surfaces regarding GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and its development.


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