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May 26th, 2018

Batman Under The Red Hood Movie Review

I do not tend to review a lot of animated movies since its not my favourite genre but being a huge Batman fan from my child hood I am working my way through DC’s Animated movies. The last DC Animated movie I watched and by far the best so far is Batman Under The Red Hood.

As I mentioned in an earlier review Warner Brothers has partnered with DC Comics and has been releasing a wide variety of animated superhero films direct to dvd. They are for the most part of very good quality but Batman Under The Red Hood is a true gem.

Of course my love for Batman will bias me but what makes this new animated Batman movie so spectacular is not the animation since that is on par with Superman vs The Elite and Superman Batman Apocalypse. What makes Batman Under The Red Hood shine is the fantastic story.

I am honestly not clear on whether this is taken from a DC comic or if its an original concept but its one I have not seen. The basic idea is that Joker kills the second Robin and Batman looses one of his best partners against the foes of Gotham.

Many years later Batman finds himself going head to head with a new villain ‘Red Hood’ who is somehow connected to his formerly murdered partner young Robin. Interlaced in the story is the villain Black Mask and of course The Joker one of Batman’s best foes.

I am not going to give away the plot so all I will say is that Batman Under The Red Hood is one of the best Batman movies I have seen. It certainly is a far cry better then The Dark Knight Rises as far as story goes.

Worth noting that the DC Animated movies are much more brutal then the saturday morning cartoons of the 90’s. Under The Red Hood features violence that is not suitable for younger children including a very brutal scene where Jason ( the second Robin ) is beat almost to death with a crow bar and then blown up.

Because of the violence I would not suggest you watch this with small children but older more mature kids should be able to handle it. I would definitely not allow 5 to 8 year olds watch this movie.

DC has a huge library of stories for Batman and I sincerely hope that sometime in the near future somebody will step up to do a proper JLA movie or even a new take on Batman with a Night Wing angle. In the meantime we at least have the DC Animated movies to keep us entertained and full-filled.

Under the Red Hood gets 4.5 out of 5 and is as noted currently streaming on Netflix instant.


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  1. exnetflixmember

    Agreed! great Batman movie. definitely better than Dark Knight Rises

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