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May 19th, 2019

Matthew Vaughn To Direct Star Wars Episode VII

Don’t act surprised to see the rumor mill in full effect with the announcement of Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. The announcement sent plenty of people in a frenzy making their list of contenders to direct and act, while also speculating if the classic roles would be recast or brought back to play the older versions of their characters. Well I have my own speculations as well but the current rumor appears to be that Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct the upcoming STAR WARS sequel. Vaughn’s name didn’t come up when I discussed possible directors last week, but I would not be opposed to the choice and it does kind of make sense since he did pull out of directing the sequel to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS- which could also be something that sparked the rumor.

Matthew Vaughn’s last two projects impressed me enough to have faith that he could handle a STAR WARS sequel but my short list of directors included names such as Duncan Jones and Rupert Wyatt as up and coming names that might be attractive to a studio. The one name I considered ideal was JJ Abrams even though I knew it was not a realistic option considering he’s got his hands full with his STAR TREK sequel.

It should he said this is not an official statement and is nothing but speculation/rumor at the current time. If anything were to become official you can expect an update. Right now it would be assumed that there will be plenty more rumors floating around out there, but I found this particular one to be pretty interesting and quite plausible as well. Keep you eyes open for more news on the subject as any roll in.

Who would like to direct STAR WARS EPISODE VII? What direction would you like to see the series go? Who should star?

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