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May 20th, 2018

Star Wars Episode VII Coming in 2015 Thanks To Disney

Some pretty big news today for fans of the STAR WARS franchise as Disney has acquired Lucasfilm for a healthy chunk of change. That in and of itself is pretty big news, but the icing on the cake, depending on how you perceive the news is that Disney also plans to have STAR WARS EPISODE VII in theaters by 2015 plus plans for two sequels as well.

There is no additional information regarding the new film, but you can be sure that this news will set plenty of rumors and speculation flying all over the internet. Lucasfilm’s acquisition is just another step in Disney’s complete domination over the box office with their properties after the massive success of the Disney owned Marvel and THE AVENGERS, combined with the financial success of past STAR WARS films has them sitting pretty (so it seems) when the new film(s) get released.

I love the original STAR WARS trilogy and like many others have many problems.with the prequels. I have to say though if handled correctly I am very interested to see how a new trilogy will play out. What are your thoughts on the acquisition and plans for a new STAR WARS trilogy?

Via: Variety


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