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April 20th, 2018

Sam Raimi Directing The Poltergeist Remake?

In a bit of surprising news on a post by The Hollywood Reporter discussing the upcoming release and recent screening of RISE OF THE GUARDIANS that EVIL DEAD director Sam Raimi is directing the remake for POLTERGEIST. What exactly does that particular ghost story have to do with RISE OF THE GUARDIANS? Well, David Lindsay-Abaire adapted the script for RISE OF THE GUARDIANS (which according to the article is great) and apparently has also been working on the script for POLTERGEIST. Here’s the quote which seemed almost like a one-off comment:

“[Adaire’s] next project is equally unconventional: He’s penning the script for a remake of Poltergeist, to be directed by Sam Raimi.”

Comes as news to me considering the last I remembered was that the remake was another project that was pretty much never going to happen. Who knows, it still may not happen, but with Raimi attached I would definitely be more apt to buying myself a ticket. This of course could just be a mistake as nothing official has been announced, but Raimi is currently listed as a producer on the project so we will have to keep an eye on any developments.

What are your thoughts on Raimi directing a POLTERGEIST remake?


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