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May 23rd, 2018

Bond 50 Collectors Blu-Ray Set Review

I recently asked a close friend of mine if you are a fan of James Bond. His answer to me with a disinterested look on his face was ‘not really’. I followed that question up with what would you think of a box set of all the bond movies on Bluray in a 50 year anniversary box set.

His wide eyed response to that was that is definitely a cool item worth buying. I for one have to completely agree and this is from somebody who is not a big fan of box sets. Box sets tend to be a money grab. First we saw all the VHS movies re-released on DVD which was somewhat reasonable since my massive VHS collection has completely rotted on me. Then we saw the same movies freshly minted onto DVD getting re-released on Blu Ray which in a lot of cased made zero sense.

What makes this 50 Year Ultimate Bond Collection set so unique is not the fact that it is on Blu Ray or that it is packed full of fantastic special features, what makes it truly unique is that this is the only set of all the James Bond movies that has been released.

I am not a diehard fan of James Bond but grew up watching the movies and it is one of the best literary to film translations in the history of film and has become one of the most iconic heroes on film. Over the weekend I sat down and literally spent an entire day watching Bond movies. I cherry picked watching Golden Eye starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond, Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as  Bond and then went back to watch the greatest bond of all Sean Connery.

I still have hours and hours of James Bond to experience since with 22 films in this collection this bond set  will easily keep me entertained till the new year.

If you are looking for a gift to buy for a family member who likes the Bond film franchise this 50 Year Anniversary Collectors set is definitely an outstanding choice. If you have a friend or family member who loves Bond then it would go without saying that this is a must have birthday or Holiday gift.

This is an example of a studio putting out a box set to fill a need not to just grab more cash from our pocket books. Like most of you my resources are limited and I cannot afford to buy every movie that comes out much less hefty box sets but without a doubt this is one box set I am pleased to have in my collection. With all 22 films it will keep me busy for weeks getting my fix of Bond… James Bond.

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