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May 24th, 2018

Watch Luke Scott’s Short Film LOOM

When you are the son of Ridley Scott you have access to things that you and I do not. So when you decide to shoot your own short film it should come as no surprise that it would feature an A-list actor from Hollywood and feature the latest in camera equipment.

Put simply Luke Scott’s short film LOOM is no student film it is a stunning piece of visual eye candy with heavy Blade Runner tones matched with a great made lead in Giovanni Ribisi and a stunning female lead in Jellybean Howie.

Visually its stunning and the writing is outstanding but for me it is to much art project and focused heavily on promoting the technology of film and not enough on the story itself.

This stunning visual master piece will perhaps not appeal to mainstream film goers but for fans of the art of film this is a true gem. Be warned the short has nudity so it is NSWF but it is very tasteful.


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