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June 25th, 2018

Sean Bean to Star in Scorched Earth

Sean Bean is a great actor and I do not care who says he is not. I will however concede that Black Death is a pretty horrible movie. Sean Bean will star in Scorched Earth which is being directed by Brad Turner the mind behind the hit TV Show 24 according to HeatVision

In Scorched Earth Sean Bean will play a bounty hunter who is hunting down the worlds most wanted criminal. The only catch here is that the world has been completely destroyed by an apocalyptic event wiping out billions of people.

I think of this as Mad Max meets SEVEN. For those who do not know Sean Bean for his better films and only remember him for horrid films like Death Race 2 and Black Plague I strongly encourage you to checkout some of his other work.

Equilibrium in which he starred along Christian Bale is not only one of his best films it is also one of the 10 Best Sci-fi films of all time.

Sean Bean also delivered command performances in the Silent Hill Movie and the horror flick The Hitcher where he demonstrated with great success why you never want to pick up a hitch hiker, especially if its Sean Bean.


  1. Guest

    Sean Bean was only in Equilibrium for like 10 minutes, so that really isn’t the best movie to recommend to show his range. Black Death however, his acting was phenomenal.

  2. cj

    ‘Black Death’ was a good movie, you just didn’t like it.

    The premise of this movie ‘scorched earth’ sounds awful.

  3. Articles on History

    I like Sean Bean and I’m always a little disappointed when
    his character dies, which always seems to happen lol

  4. rachel

    some of his best work was also the first Lord of the Rings movie. And he was also in the National Treasure movies. He is a great actor.

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