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June 18th, 2018

End of the Road DVD Release Date

End of the Road is an indictment of the upcoming ‘me’ generation and also a philosophical questioning of the notion of succeeding and even participating in a society that is so violent. After graduating from an ivy-league school, Jacob Horner (Stacy Keach) is seen standing at a New England train station, waiting on a platform—in a catatonic state. He stands there for days without moving—like a human sculpture—an installation of broken promise. Doctor D (James Earl Jones) discovers him and takes him back to “the farm of psychic remobilization.”

After being ‘cured,’ Horner takes a job as an English lecturer at a nearby college and begins a catastrophic affair with Rennie (Dorothy Tristan), the wife of a colleague. The film becomes an exploration into Jacob Horner’s limits and values, in the face of all he thought he had, which crumbles before him under the existential questioning of the powerful Doctor D and the tragic demise of Rennie.

Directed by innovative auteur Aram Avakian (Cops and Robbers, Jazz on a Summer’s Day, 11 Harrowhouse) and co-written by Dennis McGuire (Shoot It Black, Shoot It Blue), Terry Southern (Dr. Strangelove, Barbarella, Easy Rider), and Aram Avakian, End of the Road makes its long-awaited debut on DVD September 18 from Warner Home Video.

Produced by Terry Southern and Stephen F. Kesten and adapted from the John Barth novel, End of the Road resonated with fans of the counter-culture movement and was viewed as shocking, powerful and controversial at the time of its release. A groundbreaking art house film with strong anti-establishment sensibilities, the DVD release of End of the Road will include an all-new special feature produced and directed by Steven Soderbergh, which tells the compelling story of how this brutally honest film was made, the obstacles it overcame, and its lasting impact.


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