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May 20th, 2018

RIP Tony Scott

Old news by now, but I just wanted to weigh in on the tragic news from last night. Tony Scott, the director of such films as TOP GUN, TRUE ROMANCE and most recently UNSTOPPABLE was confirmed deadlast night at the age of 68 of an apparent suicide after jumping off a bridge in LA. I’m sure information will leak in the coming days as to why Scott chose to cut his life and career short, but as of now thoughts and prayers are with his family that include his brother Ridley.

I always enjoyed Scott’s films on some level as they were always entertaininr and has a very distinguishable look. He ran Scott Free productions with hos brother and was also in line to help bring a sequel to TOP GUN to the big screen. We can only speculate as of now to the events that lead to this tragedy, but regardless of the reasons right now, RIP Tony Scott.


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